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COVID-19 Update

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy. These are uncertain times, but we continue to be inspired by the stories of hope and perseverance from around the world.

To maintain the efforts to socially distance and do our part to protect and care for our customers and the public health, we’ve decided to cancel all in person Saint James events until further notice.

You can find us 24/7 at and on our social channels to help with anything you need.

We will continue watching, listening and learning, day by day, and will keep you posted as things evolve.

Thank you for being a loyal customer and a valued member of our SJB community.



Are you still receiving new items?
Many of our vendors are based out of states that have mandatory shelter-in-place orders.  Because of this, some of our items we've ordered for the Spring collection have been delayed.  We are working and in constant communication with our vendors regarding ship times and ways that they are ensuring that items are being shipped to us safely.

Is Saint James Boutique still open?
We remain open 24/7 so you can shop at—we are ready to help with any and all questions via email, chat, and social media channels. Email to reach us or use the chat feature.

Should I expect a delay with my order?
You may experience shipping delays but most likely your package will arrive in the same time frame as usual.  Because our business is family owned and operated, we are still able to complete packing orders in a timely manner. Most orders, aside from preorders, will ship within 1-3 business days.

Will your return policy change?
We’ve extended the return policy to 60 days for all orders from March 1st and on. You can send us an email, and we can assist.